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One Day At a Time...

“Since it is so likely that children will meet cruel enemies, let them at least have                                heard of brave knights and heroic courage.”- C.S. Lewis


There's nothing special about what we do,  we simply do what we can. 


 When I first decided to start Smile for a While

Bundles, it was simply out of raw desperation to do something-- anything.   It didn't feel noble or even inspiring-- it  honestly just felt stupid. I live every day with chronic illness, and I can tell you a care package from a stranger is only a small morsel of light compared to a mountain of pain.   That, however, is the call of serving Jesus Christ.   If you only have a small morsel of light to give, then you give it. You don't hold back because it feels too small. That's what Satan wants us to do,--hold back.

                                                                                                                    I know  what we're doing is not enough-- it will never be enough. Each of us is responsible for the lives we choose to save, or the ones we choose not to.  Even now my health is worse than it's ever been, and I'm behind on every I project I have started. I keep thinking, "if I was healthy, I could do more."   But I can't focus on that. . . 


If you don't know how much Jesus loves you, send us a message, and we'll tell you. If you do, I beg you to give your last breath to helping the lonely and lost.  That's really all there is in this life, to love people like Jesus does. 

Haddie Cantrall, Founder of Smile for a While Bundles Inc.


Our Packages are Available to Anyone in need...

We ship internally and to anyone who meets the following qualificatoins:

Suffer from a physical or Mental illness

Are a Caregiver

Are a sex worker or sex trafficking victim


Are a refugee or recently immigrated to the US

Have recently exspirensed a traumatic event 

If you know someone whos having a hard time, but dos'nt meet qualificatoins on list, thats alright. Just fill out the applicatoin and let us know.

A Place of Hope...

Never feel embarrassed to contact us regarding your needs, regardless of what they are. We may not always have the resources to help you,but we will search until we find someone who does. Or maybe you just feeling a little alone  and someone to talk to.We get that. and even if sometimes it takes us a bit to reply due to health issues, we will always respond. 

Sending you all so many gentle hugs.

  The Smile for a While Bundles team

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